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Our Vision

  • To create in a world where deaf and hard of hearing people are embedded in artistic practice, and incorporated in every step of the creative process, be that on the stage or behind it.
  • A theatre landscape where access and inclusion are priorities for all practitioners.
  • A theatre community that overcomes entrenched barriers to access and inclusion, and provides equity for participants and audiences alike.


Our Mission Statement

  • Rooted in both the theatre community and deaf community, Deafferent Theatre creates art and opportunities for a world where deaf people and their skills are both visible and utilised.
  • Deafferent Theatre indulges in a cultural exchange between the deaf and theatre community, as well as the wider community. We do this through productions, workshops, and engagement with the wider community.
  • Deafferent Theatre consistently discovers and present innovative bilingual theatre of a high standard.

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